problem linking groups from another blend file

hi all, I am trying to link my character, which is rigged into a different blend file. The only way I can retain the rigging in tact after importing is to group both the character and armature and then import the group. But when I try to import the group (by selecting link, not append), I dont see any thing imported into the blend file (not anything is shown in outliner). Can any one let me know how to link a group from a different blend file? Thanks a lot in advance.

actually i can see the data blocks in oops schematic. but dont know how to get it inside the 3d view.

I believe that if you append that character objects you should get the rig as well and textures and material. Just hit append - go to the file - sel the objects catagory and hilight what what you want. It should pop into your scene.

After you append LINK an object, you must dupligroup it for it to appear in the scene.

Simply create an empty.
Press F7.
Enter the name of the group (case sensitive here) in the GR: field of the Anim Settings TAB.
Click the DupliGroup button and it will appear.

This mancandy tutorial has really good information on how to link things.

just scroll down to the ‘Mancandy FAQ: Link’ video on the right

Hit space bar to Add > Group > choose the linked group.
Then CTRL + ALT + P to make a proxy of the armature if you want to pose it.

Thanks a lot it worked like a breeze :slight_smile: Thank you very much for references also

As a note here… “Add…Group” seems to do the same thing … but somehow a slightly-different thing. It creates “an object,” which has DupliGroup already set, but that object is not an “Empty” and animations associated with the linked object do appear. I freely confess that I do not yet understand the difference… it must be a scrap of enlightened wisdom known only to The Implementors?