Problem loading mat.blend files in Blender 2.64 (64bit)


I’ve been downloading materials from - Blender Open Material Repository

I’m trying to load and view them in blender 2.64 (64bit) and I am having problems opening them in blender as a .blend file so that I can view what they look like etc…

A different window that I don’t believe I’ve seen before comes up:

user ortho panel is showing a (plane or camera) with an empty? and a text area to the right that says:


Just hit SHIFT+F1, append your file to the Plane in the middle, then compress, save and upload it via our web-formular.

I do the Shift+F1 to append the file but how do I compress it? I see Save is under file, but does the upload it happen via our web-formular???(get done automatically?).

which I don’t understand. I’ve also found that I can view the material if I click the mat button.

I’m just not sure what I’m doing right or wrong here? here’s a picture;