Problem loading Runtime on Intel HD Graphics Card

Dear Blenders,

I have exported a couple of blender games as runtime files. The complex file runs at between 5-10 fps when I launch it in Blender, yet when I launch it as a runtime, it brings up a default black box (set to dimensions in Blender) and then does nothing.

I’ve had many people test the file itself and it seems to be everyone with one of these Intel HD cards is having problems. I’m able to run other complex games on my machine (such as Civilisation 4 or 5 which are graphic and power hungry programs), but there seems to be a huge incompatibility problem between Blenders runtime environment and Intel HD.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I have seen problems like this on my Intel HD card. I updated my video drivers and the runtime started working but it completely broke singletexture and multitexture modes in both Blender and the Blendplayer. This was ok with me because I’m only interested in GLSL mode.

Change your colour depth to 16bit and run your project in a window (not fullscreen). If you have the Intel HD 3000 then you’ll need to do both the colour depth and windowed. If it’s a different card, such as the HD 2000, then you can probably get away with just setting it to run in a window.

I don’t believe the Intel HD chipset has “GPU” capabilities… I believe the i5’s and i7’s are supposed to make it better but i’d recommend buy a $70 USD video card from 1 year ago at some online site made by ATI or NVIDIA (I prefer NVIDIA). I use the NVIDIA GTX 460 SE and I think it’s better than their new chipsets. (benchmarks would prove me wrong).

I got a Intel ® HD 4500 desktop and FPS usually around 5 ~ 10. LOL

Szupek, it’s a laptop. There’d be no point buying a chip when I may just as well buy a new laptop.

The problem I have isn’t unique only to me, if I can run world of tanks and other games with no problem, I am wondering why Blender isn’t able to run on my system as well. I’ve done a quick survey and out of the 6,000 or so players that we have looking to play, a good 10-15% of them have Intel HD cards. It’ll be a sucker punch if they were able to play other games but not this, all because of a compatibility problem.

There must be a fix for this that exists somewhere?

Integrated graphics cards are always poor performers. In truth, games such as a world of tanks are optimised at the engineer level to support such games. Check this page

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