Problem making a cone with lattice deform

I’m fairly new to blender and i would like some advice on a problem i’m having using lattice deform to make a cone from a triangular mesh. Is there a simple way to do this? I was able to make a cylinder by just deforming a subdivided rectangular mesh, but this is driving me crazy!
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You can add a cone as a Primitive; Add >> Mesh >> Cone. If you add a Plane and Merge (Alt-M >> At Center) two verts you’ll get a triangle from which you could fenaggle a cone. If you mean something else please explain more.


try adding another lattice on top of the deformed cylinder and use it to scale one end down- you may have to numerically input a negative scale into that end of the lattice to get the tip to go to zero…

Actually, its an animated deform where the subdiv mesh wraps around to form the cone… I’m now playing around using shape keys and rotating the edge loops around the cursor as lattices don’t work very well.