Problem making an object a parent.

I just started learning blender. I was following this tutorial when i got to page 116 i have to make the sub the parent of the periscope, rudder, and propeller. When i select them all, selecting the sub last. I hit ctrl-p and make the sub the parent i get many objects covering the sub. I can select any combination of periscope, rudder and propeller and make any the parent of the other 2. I can also make the sub the child of the others.

I’ve tried searching forums and google for a solution. Since i am just starting to learn i do not want to just ignore this problem and move on. I’ve attached the save file YellowSub.blend (439 KB) Any help would be appreciated. thanks

if you go to the object properties Tab and scroll down to the bottom to a panel called duplication you will find you have duplication set to verts for the sub , set this to none and you will be good to go… and now you know how to do dupliverts :smiley:

yup that did it. Thank you very much.