Problem: Mancandy's eyes and jaws

I have got Mancandy 2.0, by default mancandy has a lower gaze and open mouth position. No matter what I do to BOTeyetrak and BOT jaw, they move only sidewise. I can’t close mancandy’s jaws and he perpetually downwards. What do I do?

Hi datta_godbole,

Hmm, interesting. I tried the same thing with an older version of mancandy, 2.0 I think it is, and you are right. However, I could move the eyes from left to right. Also, of note, I am using blender 2.49b. I tried the same thing with mancandy 2.48, and he works just fine. I know Bassam updated mancandy as newer versions of blender came out. He also changed the naming of mancandy. Now mancandy’s name matches which version of blender mancandy is for, like mancandy 2.48 is for blender 2.48.

You can get the latest version at:

Hope this helps,

Thanks a million times.