Problem: Materials Sharing Textures - Losing Texture Values

I have 5 separate materials that share a few textures. When I create a new mesh and assign it to a new material, I assign an existing texture (used by another material) to a texture “slot” for the new material. In the new material, I lose the noise size, turbulence, normal, scaling, color, etc. data. I only get the texture type and color ramp “retained.”

For example, all monkey-apples have the texture “Apple Bump” assigned to them, with normal value turned on at 2.5. For each subsequent monkey-apple I want to have the “apple bump” texture applied, I lose this normal value. I know it’s easy to turn it back on and set it to 2.5, but I will have textures with more settings in them that I would hate to have to set every time those textures are applied to a new material.

Is there a commonly missed step? I usually go to the textures panel, select an empty slot, then I click on the red-white texture “checkerboard” to select an existing texture. Once linked, I lose a lot of the data. Please help.