Problem merging vertices with mirror + array mod

Hello everyone. I am trying to model a car rim and i have ran into some trouble merging the vertices.

I have applied a mirror modifier and modeled a small portion of the rim. I then applied an array modifier using an empty object offset and rotated the empty to get the final result.

The problem is that the vertices are not merging no matter what i do.

  1. Mirror modifier: merge and clipping is on.
  2. Array modifier: merge and first&last is on and the vertices are well within the defined distance.

I am following a tutorial that used Blender 2.49 (by Andrew Price) but i am using version 2.62.2

Here’s a screenshot if it helps:

Any help would be appreciated!

After hours of searching i downloaded the array example from the blender wiki (

Even with that file the vertices don’t merge together.
Does this even work in 2.6x?

Try increasing the merge distance value.
In the example you posted a link to, if you turn off the subsurf modifier and toggle on/off the array merge option you’ll see the effect as the vertices merge together.

That’s exactly what i did. Vertices won’t merge.

I happen to be running a graphicall build with bmesh. Is this working for you?
If it does i should probably download a stable release from

If it does i should probably download a stable release from
Correct. If you use a experimental build you should expect bugs and if you find one report it to the bug tracker.

Works as expected in latest 2.6 official release. Thanks.