PROBLEM met in installation of Blended Cities!

Hi guys! I met a problem in Blended Cities. It may look very simple to you but I just can’t solve it.
Here’s the installation page of Blended Cities. I took the steps it told me but it didn’t work at last!

  1. I download Blended Cities 0.445 and have Blender 2.49b installed already.
  2. When I want to copy to the Blender script folder, I found there’s no such a folder in my Blender folder?!:eek: What’s wrong with that?
  3. I create a folder called ‘scripts’ myself :o and copied the .py file and .blend file to that.
  4. I start Blender, load the file and found there’s no item called ‘Blended Cities’ under wizard.(again:confused:) All I have are: i.Bolt Factory; ii.Landscape Generator(A.N.T.); iii.Tree From Curves. It seems the very function I need is missing.:mad:

I read the manual ten times and tried a lot different ways but they didn’t work either. Overall my laptop is hopeless…I’m hopeless. I very much appreciate any help from you. Thanks a lot!

You need to put the script in the actual scripts folder that blender is using. If other scripts are showing in the scripts window, you do have a scripts folder, you just need to find it.
From memory the first place to look is in the .blender/scripts folder. Note the period before blender. This may be a hidden folder. Depending on how you installed blender this may be in another location. One thing to check is in the user preferences where you can specify the location of the scripts folder. Check what that says. If this doesn’t help, do a forumsearch for ‘scripts folder’ as this comes up pretty regularly, I’ve seen another post on this subject already today.

Many thanks! All done! :yes:
The best way to locate scripts folder is to search *.py in the system drive.(Windows)
I didn’t realise that folder is in drive C.:o