Problem modeling goblet


I’m trying to follow the Blender: Noob to Pro tutorial, but I’ve hit a dead end. I’m currently trying to model a goblet from a cylinder. I can’t directly link to the tutorial because of my post count, but I’ll copy + paste the relevant part:

This diagram shows the connection between the E-numbers and the goblet construction.

  • E1: Deselect all vertices (AKEY) and extrude by 0.2: you may need to zoom in (SCROLL-MMB) to do this as it’s quite thin. Scale to 0.1.
    If you want to see the tutorial, google “blender noob to pro”, and then find the “Model a Silver Goblet cylinder” tutorial.

Anyway, my problem here is… how am I supposed to extrude if I deselect all vertices? Trying to extrude nothing is kind of, well, impossible. Am I just stupid or is something wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

You are right, there must be a step missing.

After deselecting all vertices, in front view select the top row of vertices, and continue from there.

Thank you. That’s what I thought, and that was how I proceeded. However, when I got to the last step and extruded with a negative value to make the inside of the cup, there was a little problem. Take a look at the attached image. For some reason, when I extrude downwards, those faces stay in place. I tried deleting them, but that messes up the cup completely. I tried removing doubles just now (holy crap, I had over 250 doubles…), but it didn’t help. I also tried making it all over from the beginning, but still no luck. What am I doing wrong?


I’m not sure, I just did a quick run through in case anything else was missing, and it worked out fine.

I’m guessing you clicked to extrude ‘individual faces’ instead of ‘region’.

I did, because of what someone wrote on the wiki:

Why select “Region” and not “Individual faces”? If you use “Region”, the common edge between two neighboring faces will remain a single edge after extrusion. If you use “Individual faces”, the edge will become two edges sitting at the same location. This may create problems (black lines when rendering).

I tried selecting region instead of individual faces this time, and it worked out great. Thank you very much, I really appreciate all your help! Woo, one step closer to being a Blender master! Still have a long way to go, though…