Problem modeling section of a car (Ford Mustang Bullitt)


I’m modeling a Ford Mustang Bullitt and am having trouble with the following section.

I’m trying to maintain a clean mesh, but this one particular area is simply messing the flow completely. Would appreciate any help/suggestions on how to approach this problem.

Here’s a screenie of my attempt to model this area. Ideally I would prefer the the loops flow in from the top to bottom, but this way, they’re going all over the place.

Also, the wedge narrows down to a point and it is kind of a triangle. I don’t want to use a triangle, but a quad seems out of place too. How does one approach such issues?

I’m also attaching the .blend file if it’s of any use.



mustang19.blend (639 KB)

I think this is a place where a triangle is appropriate. No need to deliberately make a triangle into a quad, triangles aren’t that bad.

Here’s one possibility, before and after subsurfing & smoothing:

Best wishes,

Thanks guys! I was under the impression that triangles are a no-no in any situation.

@Matthew - Thanks for the image. That looks pretty clean. I’ll give it a shot and post back an image afterwards.

Watched a video, the guy suggested that for low poly character models, triangles help with deformation in animation.

If you want to make a nice uniform curved shape, then it should be all quads and have a correct egeflow, otherwise, especially for non-deforming models like your car, you only need to avoid triangles on smooth surfaces…
Anyway, MColtett’s suggestion looks pretty nice

Here’s my mesh for the section. Took me a while because of other commitments, but I’m happy to say that it came out reasonably well. Of course, I’ll need to tweak it a bit more, but I’ll leave that for later when putting in the finishing touches to the car.

Let me know what you guys think.