Problem moving lines

I am learning blender and when I go to move some lines of the cuboid shown below.

I get some overhanging edges that appear to be created as the others move. As shown below.

How can I stop this happening.

Hi sharksaw40,

Not sure what you mean, do you mean overlapping geometry, i.e. more than one face in the same place? You images are a bit low quality and I can’t tell if the ghosting is the jpeg, or the issue you have.

Anyway, to determine if you have double face, best way to tell is to go into face select mode and select a face, if when you click on it and try to move it, does another still remain?

Maybe you could post up your blend file to clarify? :wink:

An explanation on how you are moving them would be helpful, such as are you just grabbing and moving them or are you using extrude to move them? In the case of extrude you are creating the edges. However you could try to remove doubles in case some were created while building your object.

As Jay stated, I think you have some duplicated vertices there, therefore when you move some faces/edges some part seems to stay behind. This is quite a common issue when starting modeling, but you will come around. In the end they all do (or give up modeling :wink: )

I am grabbing the sides to move them. I did what jay-artist did and I do appear to have double face. How do I correct it and stop this happening again? Here is the blend file of it before.
castle.blend (276 KB)

And after.
castle2.blend (276 KB)

Hi sharksaw40,

I’ve been a bit busy today - and it’s getting a bit late, but I’ll just add…
Just select the faces that are doubled, and delete them - if you delete the wrong one, just undo.
To avoid it in future, just be careful when extruding that you don’t do it twice without moving the face/s.

Hope that helps, and yeah - just hang in there, give yourself a few weeks and you’ll be flying! :wink:

Yes remember! Most people when they cancel an action in blender they right click. Like if you grab a vert then change your mind you could just right click and the vert goes back to the original origin. This is not the case when you extrude. It only cancels the movement of the new geometry. You then have to delete it.

Thanks. I didn’t realize about right-clicking with the extrusions. I’ll have to make sure I don’t do it again.