problem on making swf files using ming (with python support)

i just need to put my raster renders into a .swf file. it was a boon for me that ming supports python, and blender uses python. thing is, i can’t make it work. python support for ming won’t compile in my suse 9.0

i can make the libming.a or .so … but when i “make” in the python_ext, it gets screwed.


check my today’s (OtherSoftware forum section) post on swf tools and libraries, I read some different one that supports also python language, and several others that allow quite a degree of freedom…plus the swf tools, to convert directly raster image formats or video to swf.

And if u can access a window$, you could convert to swf with Wax :

here :

that guy’s website is down. plus, i need to retain the bitmap format of my renders; i don’t want them to be vectorized.

still, d’you have a copy of that guy’s work? i may need it someday…