Problem opening blender: 'import site failed'...

Hi, I try to install blender version 2.41. It installs, but whenever I try to execute the program, a DOS-windows opens and the following text appears inside the window: “Using Phyton version 2.4…‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback”, and another window from Windows XP appers and tells me that it has to close the program…

What can be incorrect? I’d love to use blender, but I cannot open it!!!

I get the same message but my blendor window opens and stays open. I can use it fully, so I am not sure the two are related. Do you get any other error messages?

Not that I would know how to fix them but someone here might need the info to help you.

EDIT: Make sure your video, sound, and other hardware drivers are current. A lot of program failures I have seen (mostly games failing) are due to older drivers.

I’ve gotton that error as long as I had Blender, Blender and everything will still work however with no problems.

Well, the problem is that I cannot open blender, because Windows tells me to close it.
The information of Windows is:

"Blender.exe has detected a problem and must be closed.
Signature of the error: AppName: blender.exe AppVer:
ModName: atioglxx.dll ModVer: Offset: 00296b5a

Ignore the python message.

Your problem is with your ATI video card and driver. Usual solutions are to update drivers, turn down color depth, turn off anti-aliasing, and such. Search the forums for clues.

Thanks, Stiv. I just updated the driver from the Mobility Radeon 9000 card and now I can open blender at last!
Many thanks!!!

I still get the message: using Python version 2.4 ‘import site’ failed, does anyone know how to fix it ?