Problem opening downloaded models


I’ve downloaded some of the models from the blender repository, but most of them will not open.

I’m using blender 2.37a, when I try to open a downloaded .blend, blender brings up an error message saying ‘Invalid read error’

I’d appreciate any help with this

thanks in advance

Can you open your own blend files ok?

Maybe see if you can open the blend file with a text editor. If it doesn’t open maybe the files are corrupting somehow when downloading i.e. not complete.

I can open my own blends with no problems and the .blend I’m trying to open ( does open with a text editor.

You should try to open those .blends with 2.4. At least I got Shinobi work that way.

I just downloaded the file and get the same error message. I’m using 2.37a

I’m having trouble getting a working version of 2.4. Oh well, Guess I’ll just wait til the final build comes out… :-?

Try Appending the Scene; File >> Append >> Shinobi.blend >> Scene >> Scene, then look for it in the Scene menu in the top header.


Probably should have mentioned, I tried that already but nothing came up.

thanks anyway

Neverend(ing) problem! Change your username.

By “never came up” do you mean you couldn’t find it or that you got another error message?



I mean upon clicking a blend file, normally scene, IPO, etc all appear in the grey box, when I click the shinobi.blend however, that doesnt happen.

Blend files are specifically designed to be useable by any version of Blender, but odd things still do happen from time to time.

At this point, I think we need more exacting information about the entire process you used to get and open the blend files.

What OS are you using? What web browser are you using? Do you have any unusual configuration options? Where exactly did you get the file and how did you get it? Did you right click and hit “save as…”? After you got it did you move it around any (like between folders on Windows?, or to another OS)?

I know these sound funny… but here’re my thoughts:
(1) automatic text translation may be boogering your file at some point. It can happen via your browser or when transferring between OSs.
(2) Windows has been known to mess-up when moving files…

(Best course: right click and press “save as” and every move after that should be in binary mode… if you know what that means…)