Problem opening up a .blend file created on a MAC

Can a .blend file created on a MAC computer be opened on a Windows computer? I have a student that has created a .blend file on a MAC Powerbook G-4 (OS 10.2_8) in Blender V 2.37a and I am unable to open it on my Windows (XP with same version of Blender 2.37a) computer. I receive an “Invalid Read Error”.

Thanks, in advance, for any insight you can give me on this problem.


Blend files are specifically designed to be platform independant.

What has probably happened is that while transferring the .blend from the Mac to the Windows PC the software you used changed the ASCII 13 characters in the .blend file to ASCII 13 followed by ASCII 10. Go back and get the original file, and make sure to copy it with all the newline/linefeed translation turned off (this might be referred to as a “binary” or “raw” transfer).

(Since .blend files are not ASCII file, the translation corrupts them.)

Hope this helps.

You can also put the .blend file into a zip before you transfer it. I work on a MAC and constantly transfer files with Windows and Linux users with no problems. That’s what I do.