Problem packing and finding textures

(José Ramírez) #1

I am in hurry and I need to render some stills in ReBus Farm.
I see the message of “bad characers in the name of the texture”. I rename it, go to the materials editor and after that, still looks for the bad texture.
and I have another which can’t be found.
What can I do?.
Thanks in advance.

(kesonmis) #2

Did you unpack the badly named textures first? If they were already packed, changing name on disk does nothing.

For missing files, are they where they should be on disk (see dir path in error description)? Are they properly packed to blend? If you give packing command, look for errors, there might be problems with thesr textures.

(José Ramírez) #3

Hello and thanks for your quick answer.

I haven’t solved thi still because Blender assigned black dummies to a lot of elements objects etc in my scene and all is almost “dark”.
The size of the .blend file has even reduced from 500MB to 100MB. This says all. I have to see what’s happening.

Anyway I uploaded to Rebus Renderfarm and the renderfarm only give me 3 nodes…And I should need 500 . It says that this is because I’m in trial use, as a non paid user…Anyone with experience with RebusFarm?.

Thanks a lot.

(polygonsoul) #4


I rendered an animation on Rebusfarm recently and here is one advice I can give, solve all texture issues and other errors detected by the Rebusfarm-addon locally in your blendfile and upload again afterwards. Do not replace with dummy textures!

Delete the missing textures in the outliner:

  • in the outliner filter for orphan data and purge all (eventually several times)
  • filter for blender-file and search for problematic image, rmb, delete

Background: when I uploaded my scene with dummy textures, ALL other textures were replaced, too. Before rendering I checked the uploaded scene and file size was too small (like in your case), so I solved all error messages and uploaded again, file size was as expected and rendering went smooth.

(José Ramírez) #5

Thank you very much Polygonsoul!.
I’ve solved this thanks (in part) to your advices.
I discovered the Blender’s scene manager in the “Properties Menu->Blender File”.

I can edit the name of the file which creates me issues and from outside of Blender I can erase all the files that Blender insists that create issues due to the illegal characters. I erased the materials from the Orphan data too.
After that, and changing some options in hte File->External Data-> (some changes, I’m sorry but I don’t remember which of them was the responsible) I finally fixed all these strange problems.

(José Ramírez) #6

And Polygonsoul, why I could benefit from 500 nodes and I only was asigned 3 nodes for rendering by around the same time I would need with my three PCs.
I needed them within 15minutes and this took 8 hours and with watermarks.
If I go out from the trial period , would this work as I expect (or better said, as they told me this would work and with their ultrafast render times -what I would render within 16h they promised rener it within 0’02hours.
Thanks in advance.

(polygonsoul) #7

Ok, you need to buy renderpoints and select the highest price rate in the rebusfarm manager, then your project will be placed first in the renderqueue and assigned to lots of nodes.

In general I would recommend to use the trial period to set up the workflow between workstation and farm and to estimate the costs with some testrenders, the online cost-estimator gives you only a rough indication (+/-20% from my experience). Then select the rate per Ghz-hour depending on budget / time pressure.

Rebus is a serious commercial player in the renderfarm biz for a long time, the will do for you what they advertise, but you have pay for it. Do not expect that your project will be rendered on any farm with all nodes instantly, they work all more or less the same, the place in the queue and the amount of nodes correlates with pricing…

(José Ramírez) #8

Thank you Polygonsoul.
What do you use to pay for an image of 2500x2500 and 2000samples? in RebusFarm?.
I’ve wasted all my free RenderPoints.
Thank you.