Problem: periodic dents in tile structure

I ran into the following problem when building a tiled floor pattern:
Despite the structure is symmetrical, always in front of the squares
(see picture attached), there is a very visible dent.

I crosschecked the following possible reasons:

  • duplicate vertices (removed any)
  • deleting and recreating the faces in question
  • checking the edge creases (I basically use only 1 for edges in or
    touching the grey area, 0 for every other edge)
  • normals, vertex normals
    Those seemed to be fine. I can’t find the reason of this problem.

Does anyone else have an idea? (Btw, I used blender 2.42a
on Linux FC4, using the blender internal render with the “FULL”
render preset)

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I finally managed to get rig of the dents. How?
Delete that whole stuff and recreate it from scratch
(i.e. not just the faces).

However, now I made the following observation:

  • As long as the tiles are still an array, I still have a
    smaller line at the location where the dents have been before.
  • When I “Apply” the arrays, i.e. build one final simple
    mesh object from it, the lines disappear, but my “clouds” texture
    as well (at least on the image. In the texture stack, it’s
    still there, and mapped to the normals. Just the render shows
    a differently looking surface :confused: )

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Actually I’m not sure if I’m right but maybe some expert who knows more about the modifier can help and clarify later on:
To get rid of the line you could probably also use the “Merge” option in the array modifier tab. It merges the verts of the duplicates if their distance is below the specified one. Therefore, overlayed edges and faces which can cause weird shading are avoided. I don’t have an answer as to why it disappears when you apply the modifier, though.

The texturing effect can be easily observed with a really simple setup as well. Just take a plane, use the array modifier to make a duplicate and apply the cloud texture (to col, if you want). Apply the modifer and you’ll notice that the texture, which was fitting very well to the planes before, will now be stretched to fit the single mesh. Maybe you should keep the modifer (actually I’d suggest that due to flexibilty) and see if you can get rid of the dents / lines with the method above.

Hi Myke,
the “merge” option was already set for both arrays.

I checked for overlapping faces now as well, but there were none.

Your hint with the scaling did give good improvement:
By scaling the texture parameters of the clouds, I get get
back the structure in the “array applied” version! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!

Best regards,