Problem: Program Lag

Hello guys,

I have just recently started work on a project in blender to find that it is extremely slow.
The symptoms from start program is:

  • When program opens its grey, i have to click to get to the interfact
  • Menus arnt showing if mouse is hovered (shift a), i need to click on it to make them show
  • view port switching is lagged
  • If i scale or rotate the black scaling icon will stay visible if i click
  • The same as the 3D mouse origin point left click

It is acting like i have cycles or octane running in the back ground when i dont have anything running.
I have gotten the newest build from graphic all as well as deleting the app data files of blender.

There are a few things that might be coursing this such as, the last time i used blender was testing out the bullet physics, which just crashed terribly.
I also have the newest beta drivers from nvidia, to test out the SLI performance for crysis 3 :frowning:

Suggestions will be much appreciated,


What has changed on your system since it started to slow down? I see two things in the post. The newest version of Blender from graphical (beta…) and second the nvidia beta drivers. There is a reason they are in beta.

If it use to run faster, and now it runs slower, then it is probably something you changed.