I’m not sure if this is the place for this so fogive me if it’s not. :slight_smile:

I loaded Blender on my computer (windowsXP). I was trying it out and it crashed. Looking at the install windows when I started again, I noticed the following:

import site failed use -v for traceback
sys_init: warning -no sitedirs added from site module

I was told at another site that I needed Python. So I dl’d it. I’m still getting the same message in blender, and Python won’t load most programs.

I’m a very new noob (stupid person) on these programs and I’m sorry if this is a simple problem, but it’s driving me crazy!

Thank you for any help you can give…:slight_smile:

First of all: You don’t need Python

The message you read shouldn’t bother you. Everything’s fine.

At what point does Blender crash? You don’t close the DOS box with the warning, do you?

Oh, and would you mind using a meaningful title?

Blender has a small amount of Python, especially the bits that it often uses, built in. However, the full installation of Python will allow you to run scripts that other people have made that contain functions not in the Blender version of Python.
However, until you need to run this kind of script, you won’t need Python.
The message you’re getting is basically telling you that you won’t be able to run this more advanced type of script, but Blender should still execute fine without it.
Yeah, and make sure you don’t just close the command prompt window! Blender runs from that window, so closing it will close Blender.
Are you still getting the problem?

Sorry about the title.

Ok…the Dos box - no I don’t close it.
And the warning message - I fixed that. I had the newest version of python loaded. After I replaced it with 2.3.5, the warning vanished.

And it crashes when I try to adjust the lighting, actually when I click on the lamp.