problem reaching blender3d

hmm… that’s really wierd… it seems that i cant reach, .com, or

is anyone else having problems with these sites?

maybe theyre just down temporarily… ill check again in the morning.

Aghhh! First it was and now!
What’s next? and are on the same server however is pretty much static html, so if the database goes down so does but not… or so I’ve gathered [I don’t know for sure] is based on typo, which is a CMS, thus I’m assuming it’s in the database. Either it’s been written out to static html pages or they’re just using mod_rewrite on apache to make it easier to reference pages.

so… taht means the server is down, and once its back up, blender3d is gonna be back?

ah damnit… jsut as i was gonna start my charachter modeling practice, isnt responding either…

well??? anybody knows what’s happening? it’s been a while since the pages are down.any info? :-?

hmm don’t lock this or anything because of this but…

maybe it’s Kansas, he did say he was going to make everyone pay.

this should be more than an ample explanation…


kansas? what are you talking about? did i miss something? :-?

er. He got banned, then came back as DarthArtist

No, DarthArtist was someone else.


ah righto, sorry about my mistake