Problem recording animation in Blender Game Engine


I have been trying to learn how to properly apply cell fracture, and Richard Van Der Oost’s excellent Blender Cookie tutorials have been of great help. I have followed them several times this past week, with increasingly better results, but early on I produced a scene that presents a very weird problem: when I simulate the scene in the Game Engine (by pressing “P”) the simulation works properly, but as soon as I check the “Record Animation” option in the Game menu, everything but the bullet (which is supposed to shatter the cup) goes static.

I have uploaded the scene to Google Drive, in case you can find the time to see for yourself.

I know I must be doing something tiny and very stupid, but I can’t for the life of me find out what, being a complete newbie to the Game Engine. Any help you guys can provide will be very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend!