Problem Regarding The Game engine Physics..

Hii :eyebrowlift:
I have a character with armature. when i am pressing Spacebar (according to my logic bricks), it is jumping but not falling down on the ground again. Can any one help.i am putting my blend file here.

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It is not coming down because your jump animation has a set of key frames that move the “HIPS_main” bone up and never bring it back down. Your walk cycle does not have any key frames on HIPS_main so it leaves it alone.

You should make your jump like you made your walk cycle. Your walk cycle is setup so that the character appears to be walking on a treadmill and to make him walk forward you adjust the location of the parent Empty.

Your jump should do the same thing. Don’t use HIPS_main to move the character up. You need to animate all the actions up to when the character’s feet would leave the ground then get the verticle displacement by moving the parent Empty.