Problem regarding versions compatibility

I used version 2.37 to model the objects and began inserting logic bricks for my project. But since I read that earlier versions had more stable game engine, I planned on using v2.25 for the game. But when I press P, all objects turn white. It looks fine in v2.37 but in v2.25, all is white.

Has it ever happened to any one here?

How do I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

so you’ve encountered the fact that objects without textures applied use the material color with lighting on in 2.37 but not 2.25?

so clearly the solution is to enter face select mode, and hit the light button in the paint buttons, then hit copy drawmode… [and if you want a color other than white for your mesh, select it in the paint buttons [in vertex paint mode simultaneously if you’re in 2.25] and hit the set vertex color button]

Thank a lot, now I see what I did wrong. Live and learn.