Problem: Render Image

Hello guys,

I’ve tried to modelling a MAC - 10, after watched some tutorial and having read a book of Blender (I’ve bought a italian book, it tell of the bases of blender and his interface). At the end of the modelling, i’ve pressed F12 but this is the result:

Why is it so?
Thanks for the help!

PS: If you want, say your comment on this mac-10!

your mapping coordinates are set to reflection, set them to UV

Could you say me where is it and what is it? I would like understand how it work.

EDIT: If it’s that of Texture > Mapping it’s not this the problem. There is it also when I’ve not use any texture.

It looks like you’ve got a bunch of faces on top of each other. Edit mode > select all > Remove Doubles. You may also have duplicated your gun and the dup is occupying the same space as the original,

Yeah, I think so. But Remove Doubles don’t cancel any vertices. I’ll do it myself. Thanks for the help. This mean must i use fewer edges/vertices possible?

If you haven’t gotten it solved yet, post the .blend and I’ll see if I can give you a hand.

Thanks for the suggestion, mediamonk, but i’ve already solved.
And I don’t model for have the result, but for understand how to use Blender.
Now it’s the material’s turn!
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