Problem Rendering Image in Blender <NEWBIE> Please Help.

Hi guys!
First of all I must say I’m sorry if my question is silly , since I’m just learning to use blender .
My problem is that when i render a image (IN BLENDER CYCLES) in blender the object´s texture looks all pixelated.
I dont know why this is happening.
Here is the image:

NOTE:My English is not so good, because it is not my first language.

What render settings
What materials / lighting are you using

Useful if you always supply a demo .blend file for review (ensure to pack all textures using File / External Data menu before saving)

Hi Richard!
Here is the file if you would like to see what is going on.

You didn’t pack your textures inside the .blend, but I suspect you need to put more samples in the render. 10 samples is almost never good for a final render. Bump them up to 64 minimum.

If you go to your sampling settings in the rendering tab on the right, you can bump up the render sampling. My setting for the real HD pictures is at least 1000 in stead of 10 but then it takes around 15 minutes to render if your pc is not too slow.