Problem rendering NLA animation

I’m having a problem rendering a blender scene. I’m rendering on several (window’s) PC’s using a .bat file. The total animation has been seperated to 3 .bat files for 3 pc’s with different start and end frames.

The character animation i’m trying to render has been animated with different NLA stips in the NLA editor.
I have a character walking, before the character crosses the street she looks to left then to right of the street.

The character is animated over a path and has a walk cycle animation that is repeated (looped) in the NLA editor. Looking to the left and to the right is a seperate animation and is also a NLA stip in the NLA editor.

When rendering a OpenGL preview everything looks fine, however the final render looks wrong. It seems to me that the NLA stip containing the animation for looking to the left and to the right is not being rendered correctly. It is very clearly visible where I seperated the animation in different .bat files, it is not seamless. This is only visible in the NLA animation for looking to the left and to the right, everything else is seamless.

Anybody recognize this problem?
Help is apreciated.

Without seeing a blend file to figure this out definitively, I can only speculate based on common problems I’ve come across.

Chances are, you’re running into problems where you’ve got channels which are only keyed in some of the actions but not all of them, and since you’re not running the animation from start to finish in a consistent order (due to doing this in a distributed way), sometimes the channels are left in inconsistent states. If this is the problem, you’ll want to create a strip that just defines “restpose” values for all channels you use in the animation; by doing so, things are not going to go wonky if you jump out from the one action which animated that channel, as this restpose channel always defines a predictable fallback value to be used when no other animation is defined for that channel.

This was the problem, thank you.

Some bones in the walk cycle animation were not animated, the animation for looking to the left and to the right used different animated bones.