Problem rendering particle hair 2.79

I’m working on a rundown hotel scene, and wanted to add some threads to an old splitting mattress.

Though I have no problems rendering the hair in a clean scene, when added to this scene, it doesn’t render.
I’m not sure if there is a scene setting I’ve missed, or if something else is going on.
I’m attaching the scene, with only the mattress object and the particle object, I’ve cleaned out all the extras, so I hope it will attach ok.

If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate it,destroytest.blend (5.88 MB)

Hi stilton,

the problem with your scene is the that there are no “cycles hair settings” options you usually have under particles tab. That options are not in your scene. A reason for that could maybe be that you created everything in a older or experimental blender version.
One thing you could try is to start the lates 2.79 version of blender. Then append everything from your old scene and you should have the options and it should render the hair.

should work :slight_smile: cheers…

Hi Piet,

Thanks for clearing it up for me. Yes, I started the scene in 2.78.
I haven’t used append very much, but I’m going to work on it later today!


Yep, that was the answer … thanks again!

You don’t have to append anything.
Your scene is working with 2.79 and 2.78.
You just have to enable Use Hair option under Geometry panel of Render Tab. Option is disabled.

Damn … I knew it had to be human error :slight_smile: I just couldn’t figure out what I missed, …thanks so much zeauro!