Problem resetting animation. Please help!!

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and reaching out in desperation.

I’m new to animation, and have been trying to animate a glass pane shattering.
I rendered only a few frames to quickly see how it looked, however when I tried to go back to frame 1, with the wrecking ball raised up and the pane of glass unbroken, it has resent frame 1 to what used to approx. frame 135 (the frame a did the test render from).

I’ve hunted high and low for an answer, and can’t find one anywhere.

Can someone please help me reset all of the frames and animation.

I’ve attached the blender file.

Thanks for your help.


WreckingBallGlass.blend (5.76 MB)

Go to Graph Editor, select all key frames for all objects and delete them. Or you can right click in an objects Transform boxes (they will be yellow or green) and chose “Clear Keyframes”. Without looking at your file, I don’t have Blender on my iPad, I guess you did not keyframe the rest position on frame 1 - there’s a hint for the future.

Welcome to BA by the way.

Cheers, Clock.

Yah… from the file you’ve uploaded you’ve somehow lost all your animation frames…
check in the file folder where you saved the file see if there is a Animation Bake Cashe file in there some where…