Problem rigging clothes.

I used a plane to do both of the clothes, the arm clothes move correctly but the pants don’t work really well. To parent the arm clothes I used automatic weights, worked fine, then I did the same for the pants but didn’t work at all, so I used with Empty Groups and was better, but still didn’t move correctly.

Thank you.


paladinchurch1.blend (649 KB)

I don’t know what you mean when you say they didn’t work well. Do you mean the skin is showing thru the clothes?
In Blenderella she showed how to use the “mask Modifier”, David ward has a vid tut with his alien charactor also.
In a nutshell it deletes the faces under the clothes so they can’t show thru.

Ok I just did again the pants and now works fine, I don’t know why. What I meant was that the pants didn’t follow very well the bones and looked very odd at least for me.
Thank you for the mask modifier I’ll try it with my new pants.