Problem Saving Poses in Blender 2.73a

Hi Blender Artists,

I’ve been working on a commercial and the model I am animating was working just fine. While in Pose Mode, I could press the A-key, highlighting all the bones of the rig simultaneously, then click the I-key to bring up the keyframe menu(with options such as Loc, LocRotScale, etc.) in the viewport. Midway through this project, I updated to Blender 2.73a. Now when I try to key the entire rig with the I-key, it only adds keyframes in the Object Properties, but not to the individual bones. The keyframe menu won’t pop up.

When I checked the Dope Sheet, it only shows the Keying Set for XYZ locations. The only way I can get this model to pose the way that it has done before, is by selecting each rig individually(even fingers!) in order for them to show up in the Dope Sheet. I’d have to do this for EACH pose.

I’m not totally sure if this is a 2.73a issue, but when I tried to revert back to the previous version of Blender to test it out, I could not find the earlier release in the list on Blender’s website. Only the one dated Jan. 21st.

If there is something wrong on my end, instead, does anyone have any considerable solutions?

I would need to see some screenshots or a blend file to make any guesses.

Pretty sure it’s something on your end. I’m thinking too many people use blender for animation, for this to be some sort of bug. A bug like this would be reported and fixed within a matter of hours, so this sort of bug would never exist in a release you download from So you’re best bet is to post up the file, let others take a look at it.

As to older versions of blender, on, right side, on the rotating banner, there’s a link to 2.73a downloads. Next to that is a link ‘Older Versions’, that link will take you to a page that starts to describe ancient versions of blender. The next paragraph reads:

On the Past Releases page most recent previous release logs are available, with splash screens, new features and fixed bugs.