Problem: Scale of Bones are Changed on Rotation

Hi Everybody,

I’ve recently started using blender to create artwork for use with the A7 Game Studio, (which I highly recommend), and I’ve run into some trouble: some of my bones change their scale when I simply want them to rotate. What’s strange is that only the arm bones (of my humanoid) do this, while the leg bones can be posed exactly as I want without problems. This results in the arm being stretched thin and extended down to the feet of the character! All the bones have the same settings, but I still can’t figure it out. Do you guys have any suggestions as to why this might be happening?

Any help would be appreciated.


Unless you can be more specific (like with screenshots or a blend that does this), there isn’t enough information here to figure out what maybe going on here … Like do you have constraints on the arms, and if so what are they ? …

Sorry but I actually solved this problem a couple days after by resetting the bones with “Ctrl-A.” Thanks for the reply anyways. :slight_smile: Here’s an image of the problem in case you’re still interested: