Problem: scaling + snap transform

Hi there,

I’m using Blender 2.53 (the one from the official site).
I have a problem with scaling circles and snapping.
When I add a circle and I scale it up and then with the same center I add another circle with smaller radius. I activate “snap during transform / vertex / closest”. Then I want to scale the little circle up so that it snaps the bigger one (so that they match)…but it doesn’t work.
If I try the same but with a plane (or a circle but with 4 vertices) it works.
Is this normal?


It works OK for me. What exactly happens for you? A screenshot might help.

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When you scale up the second circle are you in edit mode or object mode. If you are in object mode, try in edit mode.

Thanks for the reply, I haven’t got the time to get behind the computer today so I’ll do some other tests tomorrow and if not I’ll post some screenshots.
I’m sure it works in object mode for the square/plane so…

Is this what you want (blender 2.53)

That’s exactly what I want :slight_smile:
But when I do that, the second circle disappears, there’s only one.

I have Blender 2.53 64-bit.
I’m going to test again on the 32-bit and the 64-bit.
Thanks for the video and the reply, hope it’ll work now.

But when I do that, the second circle disappears, there’s only one.

The only non-bug reason I can think of is that both circles are part of the same object and Auto Merge is enabled

Okay, so it works only if I tab into edit mode to scale.
When I want to scale in object mode it doesn’t snap (in fact I see the circle that indicates it snaps but then the circle is scaled a bit but not fully to match the other circle).
Anyways it works so thanks for the replies.