problem! sculpting in blender 2.53 with WACOM Intuos4

Before discussing my problem, I want to say “sorry” for my English.
I’m a Korean and my English is not good.

Anyway, today I’ve tried to sculpt in blender 2.53 with my tablet(WACOM Intuos4 lage size).
But when I clicked over a mesh with the tablet pen, it(the mesh) was suddenly disappeared.
This situation always be occured only in sculpt mode and with tablet input.
I’m sure that it isn’t malfunctioning of my device or driver error.

What should I do?
It has made me crazy for 4 hours. :’-(
PLZ help me!!

I’ve seen what I think is the same thing. When I click on the surface it vanishes. If I have the wire display on the surface vanishes but the wire remains.