problem setting reference images

I’m having trouble setting reference images.
i have a car blueprint and I’ve put the images in the corresponding planes. But the scale seems to be of.
The size of my images and size of the background images settings in blender are the are ok.
But still they differ in the between the top view and the side view. The top and the front view are consistent…
what can i do?

Did you set it from View -> Background Image or did you put it on a plane?

not on a plane. i used View -> Background Image

You should be able to change the scale and offset of the images in the background image settings box (where you set the background in the first place).

yes, thanks.
But is in decimals the size i would have to use, and given that the images are the right size and this happens every time i set a background image I’d like to know how to fix it…i suppose that the normal behavior is to put the images corretly…maybe i have to …do something?, check an option somewhere?
its a pain in the ass to make them fit,

I’m not sure, but it sounds to me as though your refrence images are not perfectly to scale with one another.

…nop, they are in perfect scale

The scale is in Blender units, not decimals or meters or inches or whatever. Blender has no idea what size of a thing you are modeling and how big of a picture you have that you are using; a car or a bacterium or a solar system, that is 640x480 or 2048x1080 so that is why you have to set the size. When you save your blend file, you will never have to re-set those settings. Use the offsets (you can go to .001 units to get really really precise) and the size to get the pic to fit in your window with normal zoom. Then start modeling.

And yes, constructing a model from a reference pic is harder than it looks.

decimals are not a measurement system like meters, they represent a fraction of a number and blender can use them to set the size of a background image.

Of course, but if i enter background images that are proportional between them blender should keep the proportions.

well, if one picture is twice the size of the other, and one scale to fit is 3, the other should be 1.5 scale to fit. so, maybe these will help - I tried to recreate your problem. I rendered two orthographic pictures, both from the same distance from center, so that they had the same proportions, on an object centered, yielding:
The result of loading them as backgrounds, using the same scale (3.5 as u can see) for each, is:
![ scale.png]( scale.png)
As you can see, they match exactly. could you post your pics and maybe we can find out what’s wrong?

hanks, i appreciate the effort.
I used the image below, but i don’t think that there is anything wrong with it.

here ya go, bro:
sometimes we just need someone to help us take that first step. Make sure you send me a pic of the finished product! nice car, btw.
the blend is here:

I think the offsets were tripping you up; maybe the screen perspectives. hope this helps!

with tires, at least:

before i forget: I alt-duplicated the tires, so mods to one will show on all. but I dont think i rotated the right side by 180 so that the outsides face out. just didnt want you wondering where the rims went on the right side of the car.

The tires are parented to an empty i named Audi. move the empty, and the tires will move with it. Would suggest you parent the body to the empty as well. Have Fun!

thanks a lot!
what i was doing is to split the image to form new ones. That was messing up with the proportions