Problem setting up drivers

Hi guys. I’m trying to set up some IPO drivers in 2.5, but it has changed a lot. I followed this tutorial:
However, I can’t get it to work, I’m going crazy. Simply put, nothing happens. Can you PLEASE help me? What’s wrong with my little rig? I’m tring to make the top right corner bone rotate when I rotate the center bone.

why omg.blend (367 KB)

You could set the variable type to transform channel then input the name of the bone and the transform to Y rotation. You can use the modifier settings to adjust polynormal expression to change the effect of the rotation.

why omg1.blend (354 KB)

Thanks man, but if I rotate the driver bone, the other bone just rotates back and forth. I wanted to have the other bone rotating continuously. The idea was to make two gears with different radius.

Bump. Please, someone help me=(

Is this what you are looking for? (see attached .blend) I just tweaked Richard’s file in about 5 mins… I set the variable’s transform channel to z rotation for the controller bone and set to local space (so now the bone’s local z rot controls things, not the bone’s global rot). Then I flipped the driver f-curve by changing 1x to -1x in the generator modifier panel.

Now, when you rotate the bone in armature.001 the bone in armature rotates in the opposite direction, just like one gear driving another. BTW, you have 2 armatures there, a two bone single armature will do the same thing, less clutter…



why omg2.blend (263 KB)

Set it to local space to make it go in a circle

Thanks a lot guys! The problem really was with the local space part. Cheers!