Problem Setting Up Maps

Hello, probably this thred has been already answered, but i tried to search it, and didnt found all.

Maybe you could stick the post, because its a very basic principle in texturing.

I`ve “made” with crazy bump some diffuse, normal, specular, ao and displacement maps.

The thing is, i know how to put them all together in a same matierial as diferent types of textures (in this case images all). The problem is that i dont know how to set up each one for them to full fill their destiny :P.

The Diffuse is the color, no problem so far, but don know how to get spec, nor, ao and displacement maps to work.

If someone could tell me" Would be great, im using the newest relese of blender 2.5.

Specularity = Specularity Intensity
Normal = Geometry Normal
AO = Diffuse Colour (blend mode usually multiply)
Displacement = recommend you use a displacement modifier