Problem skinning solid object (T-shirt button)


I have a problem skinning a character in blender 2.57b. I have my body mesh correctly skinning and I have 2 buttons on it on a separate mesh. I want to skin the same weight in all the vertex of the button and I can’t becouse when I try to paint it does always in a part of the mesh and not in all the vertex of the button at the same time as you can see in the screenshot.

I did this a lot of time with maya and max with the weight table tool, where you can take a vertex information and copy and paste to other vertex group… does anyone know how can i fix this problem??

thank you very much!


One thing pops to mind, you could use vertex parenting. I’m unable to find the manual page that speaks of that, but basically you can parent the button mesh object to 1 or 3 vertices of the shirt mesh object. To do this, in object mode select the button, shift-select the t-shirt mesh, then tab into edit mode, (the t-shirt will be in edit mode) and select the two vertices above the button, and the one vertex below the button and to the character’s right side of the button, and do a ctrl-p -> make vertex parent. Now the button object will be parented to the 3 vertices and will move as they move.

I mention this method, because you really wouldn’t want to weight paint the button. I’m thinking if you weight paint the button, then pose the character with it’s arms forward and criss-crossed so that the area of the shirt where the buttons are form a v-shape, the button would deform into a v-shape as well. Buttons don’t deform in real life. Ideally, I would think you would want to add to the shirt geometry a single vertex where the button is, and parent the button to that one vertex…

Hope this helps,

Randy offers a valid solution. However, if you want your button to deform, my personal recommendation would be to use the Mesh Deform modifier instead of (or in addition to) directly weight-painting your mesh. It tends to give better results.

thanks both for the answer! finally I use the randy solutions becouse the button is a not deformed object! thank you