Problem: Split window does not work anymore (solved)


I can not split my window anymore in my current project and that is really anoying. Does anybody know how to solve it?

  • I’m using v2.40
  • A new blend file does not give problems

Is it a bug, or just me not aware of some function?

Blender sometimes does this, though I’ve never heard of this specific problem, it’s usually something to do with modelling geometry. Try Appending the Scene into a fresh file and if that doesn’t work Append everything thru the Object lib.


Hey Fligh %, thanks. I’ll give it a try to append it to a new file.
It really looks like a strange bug and I wonder if this was already logged in the past…
anyway, if the appending works i’ll update this post.

Take care,

The appending of the total scene to a new blend file works perfect at a first glance. thanks again Fligh %!!

(but still this is some strange bug)

The thing is that it’s so rare, so unassociated with any one procedure that no one has yet been able to say “here’s the file and that is what I did”. It’s been there since 2.23 at least, that’s as long as I’ve been using Blender.