problem to add texture to blender object

i have a 3D human hand object/model upon which i am trying to put an image… i saw so many youtube videos about texturing in blender ( all are in “blender render” mode. i am putting the image on the hand by going to texture>open>select image etc(as shown in that video).but when i press ‘p’ in (blender game mode) i am getting normal human hand without the image on it. i think i may be missing something, i dont know?.. or is there any video or tutorial where texture is done in “game engine mode”

Do you have a material on the human hand?

ya i created new material in the hand. i just did what is shown in the video

Post your file (textures included). Most probably, you’ll need to unwrap your model. That’s a thing that (frankly shitty) tutorial doesn’t show you.

in that, i did everything when i press ‘p’ in blender game mode, i cant see the textured hand, i get only the grey color hand…


hand_model.blend (975 KB)

You were in Solid viewport shading before you switched to Game render. Can you see texture if you switch Game from Material or Textured view ?

You didn’t pack your textures (File->External Data->Pack All Into .blend, then save again) but, from the looks of it you tried to load an image in PSD format. I didn’t know Blender could load PSDs.

There was no need for the original texture in this case, really. Not saying it can’t have some significance on occasion.