problem to animate a drive shaft with constraints

Hi guys,
I am trying to give constraints to the rods and so on, but I cannot succeed, moreover I looked the wiki manual, but I cannot undestand.

My idea is to give a constraint to the cylinders in order to have vertical movement, but every time it happens something that create a big mess!
Do I have to apply rotation adn scale every time before or after assign a constraints? I enclose the file.

Very important: I need to aoid any bones/empties

Thanks a lot

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Everything you need to know to animate pistons with empties or armatures is in this blend file:

cylinder-problem-ver3.blend (1.84 MB)

There’s a V6 motor basics animated with empties/constraints, just use meshes instead of empties if you don’t like these.

If you have any difficulties with it, let me know and I will help further. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Clock.

PS you certainly do have to apply rotations and scales before you attempt to animate anything. Normally you should do all the editing in edit mode not object mode.

Please explain WHY you need to avoid bones or empties. You may need to do everything via drivers if that’s the case.

@clockmender: Thanks! The problem I had is that every time that I give a constraint, it always happens something that should not happen… I’m gonna study the blend file thanks!

@DanPro: the point is that I need to export to a software that probably does not support empties and bones, I do not hate bones and empty!

@ both of them: I solved the problem, but I cannot explain how… obviously I did my considerations and gave the constraints, but Iit seems that the constraints panel has its proper will ahahah!

I enclose the blend file

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