Problem to comb my hair.

I can not comb my eyelashes. Why? I run on Blender 2.71 Cycle.

Hard to say what is wrong…can you put up a file with the eyelashes in it?

Hello Modron and thanks for helping.
I deleted the first one and made a new eyelash, but this time I hav all sorts of problem, big gap between the strands?

you’re welcome. some of the normals on your emmitor mesh were facing backwards. ctrl N fixed it.

You solved my problem. Thank you Modron, but Ctrl+N confusing me.

ctrl N = recalculate normals outside. Also, I was thinking, maybe your combing problem has to do with the angle you are combing at? Try combing less from the front, and more from the top / sides.

I try to comb from all angels. Anyhow I solved my problem.
Thank you Modron.