Problem to do a very simple ring

Hi ,

I try to do a very simple ring on a simple plane. I have got an image set as a background for the reflections. When i render it, i just have the reflection on the upper part of the ring.

If i don´t have any background, i can see on the upper part the rlection of the colour of the background (sky).

If i dont have the plane below the ring, all the ring reflect the background and i have the chrome like looking that i am looking for.

If i don´t have any background, and i put the scene on a cube, i still have a black ring on the upper part.

I have seen an other post with the same proble, but they just told him to increase the lighting which just doesn´t work.

If someone knows how to have the reflection on all the ring, i am very interrested.

Thank you for your help :wink:

G.S. :smiley:

Can we see a picture ?

If the ring is on a surface, it’s normal that the lower part reflect that surface.


I just don´t know how to add a picture as it is impossible to add an attachment in the blender general forum.

If someone can explain me where is it possible to post the picture, like this, you can see exactly what i mean.

I try with the same settings for the gold ring and for the plane that there is in that tutorials
but i just have the upper part which reflect.

Thank you.


Here is the kind of effect that i have

And without the ground:

This is what i would like on the ring. reflection on all the part of the ring.


To show a pic here goto

and open an album for yourself. Upload your pic to the album and then Rightclick on it to see the address. Copy it and paste it to your message here then highlight it and hit the “Img” tag above the reply box.

Nobody is going to download .zips to look at a pic.


The result with the floor:

And without the floor:

I just would like the looking of the second ring but with a floor.

If someone want check the .blend, i can send it to him.

At least now, i know how to insert an image in the forum :wink:


Of course, you realize that what you want won’t look very realistic, but…

I recommend envmaps. Calculate it without using the plane, then render the scene with the plane but without recalculating the envmap. Never really used it myself though, so that’s all I can tell you now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks.

I will try with the envmaps. I will see if i have a better looking.



fligh% knows about env maps