Problem trying to animate grass with wind

I’m trying to animate some grass with wind. I use a plane with a hair particle system with softbody, and an empty with a wind field. I find two problems:

  1. Even with the lowest value for the wind strength (0.001) the grass blades go all the way round.
  2. The grass goes through the base plane.
    Can anyone give me any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

My settings:

  • A plane with the default settings (2 BU). A hair particle system with 100 particles and initial velocity (normal) 0.100. Softbody applied to the Psys with the default values.
  • An empty 10 BU away from the plane, with a wind strength 0.001 (Z axis pointing to the grass).

Is your empty (wind object) set as a sphere? If so, it may not be effecting the particles because the particles do not fall within the realm of the sphere. Have you tried upping the force strength?