[Problem] Trying to make blender tutorials with vnc2swf

So i’m trying to make video tutorials for blender, but so far it didn’t worked :
I installed vncserver, pyvnc2swf and xtightvncviewer

I create my vncserver with “vncserver -geometry 640x480 :1”
then i connect to that server with xtightvncviewer

the problem is that there is nothing in that x session :

How do i start blender or gnome in that session ?

(i’m on ubuntu 5.10)

Umm… maybe you should try using xvidcap. It’s actually built for what you are trying to do, and it works very well so long as you have an nVidia card with the drivers properly installed.

yep, just tried xvidcap, and it works very well !
thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Where did you find a version of xvidcap that works with ubuntu 5.10.
I’ve been looking for a while.



you also need to install libpng2

to record a nice mpeg instead of thousands of small files, you must set the extension of the file to .mpeg in the options, and remove the limit of 30 frames

Thanks -efbie-