problem using undo!

i’m a bit new to blender, i’ve been using it for a few months now and in almost every model i’ve made, this same problem occurs.

everytime i undo something, a bunch of objects, meshes, bones, etc move and align to a different position and location than they were in before. help?

I tried re-centering everything and clearing location and rotation. The only solution i’ve found is remaking the object, which was fine when my models were simple, but now, they’re too complex to start over. any ideas?

You might have keyframed things by accident.
Check the graph editor, NLA editor.

What version of Blender are you using? 2.49 or 2.5?

In 2.5, there are some serious bugs with undoing. Multiple times Blender has crashed on me when I hit undo. So you problem could simply be a bug in 2.5…that is if you are using 2.5.

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save often , save using incremented file names.
myFile_001, myFile_002, etc… anytime you’ve completed a task that you would rather not do again.
(if you are afraid of using too much file space, realize how cheap memory is these days)

if you have complex models, this will save your mind from exploding.

CTRL+Z is context sensitive. If you’re in edit mode it’ll redo the changes you did in edit mode, while if you’re in object mode it’ll undo stuff you did there. So if you make an object in object mode, edit it for ages, exit edit mode, then undo, it’ll go back to the object you started in the first place.

yeah, that was it. And i had enabled auto keyframing, which made it keep happening whenever i tried to stop it. Got it now, thanks!