problem using UV Editor and project from view.


I’ve completed my model of a gun and I have watched 3 video tuts on how to texture from an image. The videos are all using older versions of blender (2.45 and lower). I am using version 2.61 and obviously things are different, because I can not get the gun to project onto the uv editor window.

The instructions I have gotten from the video were:

-select model
-go into edit mode
-split window
-select all in face mode
-click on arrow in uv window and select uv/image editor
-select all faces on your model and then hit hotkey u, project from view…

Now at this point When I click on project from view I don’t see anything other than an empty grid. I have also tried to hit unwrap, then project from view and nothing happens.

In all 3 tuts I watched when they hit project from view, a mesh model of their gun appears in yellow with purple select on the faces.

What am I not doing?

Everything is pretty much default from startup, I only change view to front ortho because that gives me a nice 90 degree side profile of my gun.


Not quite sure where you go wrong, might be the fifth step (click on arrow in uv window and select uv/image editor), which I do not quite understand.
If you set it up like this it should work:

You might also want to use "Project from view (bounds) which fills the whole space in the UV editor. Based on how you wish to proceed it might be good to load an image in the editor first (projection painting), as this may change the dimensions of the editable space.