Problem UV Mapping an open box (simple cube model with top face deleted)

Hi, I’m pretty new to Blender, doing a student project and have been teaching myself from video tutorials.

I’ve created a box - basically a cube with the top face deleted and I want to map textures to it (the inside and outside of the faces), as if it had gift wrapping paper on it.

I followed a tutorial on uv mapping a cube and I marked the seams and unwrapped the mesh into second window showing a uv/image editor. That was all fine.

So I apply the same technique to my box but nothing shows in the uv/image editor. No matter which edges I mark as seams nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong? Is it because both sides of a face can be seen?

Thanks for any help.

Ensure the Image Editor window is not showing the Render Result. If it is just delete it with the X button

Thank you very much that worked :slight_smile: