problem w/empty

I have an empty parented to a gun object. I’m using the empty to create a bullet object at the end of the gun barrel. The gun is parented to my player object (a spaceship). Problem is, when my player object rotates, the empty seems to move (i.e. it kind of circles the end of the barrel). The effect is that the location that the bullets are fired from keeps changing, and it looks really wierd. I want to keep the empty from moving, regardless of the rotation of the player object (I thought this is what parenting the empty to the gun would do)… can anyone help?


Are you sure that the empty is parented to the gun. Use the Outliner to check this. You can also temporary add a cube to the empty so you can see were it is. Later you can remove it.

Are you using bones?

OK, tried your cube idea, and sure enough, it’s moving all over the damned place!

I know the empty is parented to the gun b/c when I select the empty’s parent from the Select --> Grouped menu, it selects the gun.

The wierd thing is, I have another identical gun on the other side of the ship that does not have this problem. As far as I can tell, there is nothing different between the two gun objects, other than their location. I am stumped!

No, I am not using bones.

Is it moving with the other gun?
If you parent another cube directly to the gun, is it the same movement?

I parented it to the gun and it is still moving the same way, so I guess it has something to do with the gun. But the gun itself is not moving at all, so I don’t get it.