Problem when exporting animated Character to Unity

Hello there,
this is my first time posting a thread and i hope it´s in the right Directory.

So i´m new to blender and followed a youtube tutorial made by Darrin Lile.
I created a rigged character model with walk cycles etc…
Everything seems fine when playing the animation in Blender, but when I try to export to Unity I get 2 problems:

  • If I simply drag the .blender file to unity:
    feet of the character get twisted horizontally (x-Axis), but animation works fine.

  • If I export it as a fbx 6.1 ASCII:
    Same as above but character is scaled down to the size of an ant.

  • If I export it as a fbx 7.4 binary:
    feet of the character look fine, but the feet kinda break out of the animation?


Does anyone have an idea?:spin:
After checking with weight painting I think the problem are the toebones, but i tried rolling it and stuff, but it won´t take any effect.

this is how the animation should look. This repeats at certain points

Ok so after hours of research and comparison with earlier project files, i got it right.
I made the mistake of changing the location of the lower leg bone head in edit.mode after i made custom shapes
for each bone. I simply dragged it to the position I remembered and everything is fine.